Springtime is Just Around the Corner

Springtime is just around the corner. We have been waiting for this moment for a long time now, and just like the energy of spring you can feel the restlessness in the air. Now that the Liver and Gallbladder are awakening from the winter slumber you might be feeling slightly agitated or ready for change. The Liver and Gallbladder are in charge of regulation and movement of energy in the body. They are also very prone to stagnation. So now that the days are getting longer and warmer it is important to incorporate mild gentle exercise like walking or Tai Chi into your routine. This will help keep the Liver and Gallbladder happy and in turn you will feel less agitated. Everyone wins! Springtime is ideal for rejuvenation, cleansing and overall well being. So clean you room, eat green, move your Qi and come in for acupuncture treatments.

Happy spring everyone!

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