Acupuncture for Weight Loss

I know that it doesn’t feel like it but, according to the Chinese calendar spring has arrived! Yay! you say. This means that our bodies are slowly awakening from the winter slumber. Suddenly we are feeling slightly more restless and the need to move. The ebb and flow of the seasons usually results in weight gain during the winter. And right now I bet you, you are looking in the mirror thinking I need to loose a few winter pounds.

Acupuncture should be a part of you weight loss program. It is not a magic pill but a life style choice. My acupuncturist always says, “What is not yours will come off”. And it has, and it keeps on coming off gradually and slowly. Think of your body as an organism that you would like to maintain for years to come. Yo-yo dieting or extreme weight loss/ or gain can be dangerous. It’s like an insulin spike that drops really quickly. The cellular effects are devastating. Acupuncture effects hormone levels, regulates metabolism and helps digestion and elimination. So as you start getting ready for bathing suit weather incorporate acupuncture into your weight loss routine.

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